dopamine detox & third eye opening day one

ok so i watched jay kaizens tiktoks and now im having a ✨spiritual awakening✨ 

his playlist on the matrix is crazy. like it makes a lot of sense and it’s given me a new perception of life. i can slowly feel my third eye opening.

i watched his youtube video too on dopamine detox and i’ve decided to join him although - i used tiktok for five minutes today, not to scroll but to watch more jay kaizen and reply to a few comments. other than that i didn’t find it hard i genuinely enjoyed not using social media. i know spacehey counts as social media but i’m not really checking my notifications im just using it as a journal so i guess the dopamine effect isn’t there so it’s fine; also spacehey doesn’t exploit the human craving of dopamine because it doesn’t have an algorithm that makes us scroll for hours it’s simply blog and vibes.

the rules overall are
no social media
no video games
no junk food 
no weed
no binge tv

ok anyway now that i’ve justified myself i just wanted to share a few things,

from day one of having a dopamine detox i’ve managed to read quite a lot and learn lots from podcasts. i’ve even started an art piece that is so beautiful and i’m so proud of it already even tho i haven’t finished yet.

ok now psychological effects are actually beautiful. so i have actually started to appreciate the present moment. i am also more grateful and find myself happier. you know why? because i have come to terms with the fact that happiness is a feeling not a destination. every emotion is part of the human experience. i don’t need constant satisfaction that only ruins me. instead i’ve again learn to be grateful for what i already have in the present moment. let me just give an example; i genuinely found myself happy and smiling whilst listening to a podcast simply because it was in hindi - i felt proud of myself for being able to understand three languages, without realising i was in a state of self observation and found myself happy over something i didn’t find on a screen, instead it was something within. 

more spiritual findings i realised today are:
once you identify yourself with physical reality - syop become obsessed with the idea of “which is better or which is worse” - this is a natural process of thought; only if you transcend yourself from this state of physical reality will you be free from constant self criticism 

the third eye means your perception has gone beyond the dualities of life - you are free of your ego and judgement, the aim is to become an observer of your own thoughts - not accepting or rejecting any, not becoming your thoughts, separating yourself from what’s being said in your mind

meditation creates a little distance between you and your mind and body; this changed your perception on life and shows things in a different life - suddenly problems and anxieties transcend 

simplest things aren’t always comprehendible due to the complexity in the nature of human intellect - e.g using a sharp intellect for everything doesn’t work - compare your intellect to a tool - a sharp tool doesn’t fix everything, sometimes you need something blunt - everything has a purpose and everything has a way of understanding it 

anyways for anyone trying to find their way in their spiritual journey i definitely recommend jay kaizen and 


also i wanna do acid nd shrooms 

ok bye

Love, Mya x 

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I love me sum good shrooms. Lowkey wanna try LSD. But I know I’m gonna be mad ASF if I have a bad trip

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FR I WNA DO A MICRODOSE FIRST JUS IN CASE but omg i’m so tempted this summer

by Mya ; ; Report

OMFG YES THATS MAD SMART. Not gonna lie I might become an addict over the summer. Anyways see you at narcotics anonymous in September

by Harlo; ; Report

no bc same i need to get my money up first tho

by Mya ; ; Report