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romantic and platonic attraction

romantic attraction is so strange bc i love all my friends and would fo anything for them but i think its platonic? i dont really differentiate romantic, platonic, and aesthetic attraction. theyre all kinda the same for me. i would kiss my friends, hold their hands, but theyre still my friends. and if they wanted to call me their s/o i would be cool with that too! i dont really care, it honestly doesnt make a difference for me! i love them all the same and just want to care for them. is this just me or? /genq

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Caitlynn 🌿

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Have you ever heard about queer platonic attraction? Sounds like that might fit you

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ive realized im quoiromantic since this post but i do have a queerplatonic relationship!

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awesome! (I didn't realize how old this post was lol)

by Caitlynn 🌿; ; Report

its alright lol!!

by basil :D; ; Report