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Sad Satan

How can I miss something that never left?

How can I lose something I never had? 

How can I love something I never met? 

How can I feel comfort from something never held?

How can I feel an allusion? 

How can I chase whats make believe? 

How can I believe my own lie?

How can I? Sad satan 

How could I fall standing on the ground? 

How could I find yet still lose? 

How could I love something but nothing else?

How could I chase an allusion?  

How could I hurt what cared? 

How could I kill something wounded?

How could good turn bad?

How could I? Sad satan

Why can’t I fix? 

Why can’t you try?

Why must I miss you?

Why must u forget me?

Why must I still love you?

Why must u hate me? 

Why can’t I let go?

Why can’t u forgive?

Why am i? Sad satan?

There’s peace in emptiness 

There’s loneliness in love 

There’s pain in truth 

There’s nothing in everything

There’s Sad satan, 

too at peace with his emptiness 

So in love he’s lonely 

Hates the pain with the truth

Has everything 

The endless cycle that is hell

For sad, sad satan.

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