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life thing, my old roommate is visiting but i dont want to see her

my old roommate came to visit but i dont think i want to see her. yeah we roomed since our freshman year until the start of this year but i did not really appreciate her and even tho we were mostly calm together she affected me very badl

(lil ed talk this paragraph)
she was the main reason that my ed relapsed because she has an ed and constantly talked about food, calories and her weight even tho we had multiple talks about this. 

she also generally affected me bad because she had a lot of baggage and putting so much weight onmy other (still) roommate. so yk the room was mostly tense. she literally made my other roommate take care of her everything and we've been definitely happier and more productive since she has gone.

my current roommate wants me to at least say hi to her but i don't know what to do :(

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