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A horror passage I wrote of a mental breakdown/paranoiac episode/nightmare

I see dead people

Visions of dead children screaming 

I’m ill in the head. 

Staring at the ceilin,

Wrists bleedin,

Forcibly held down 

I can’t even scream For Help 

what is this hell?

Demons dancin around my bed

Sleep paralysis 

Middle of the night Its 

Got me Paranoid.

Keep a knife under the pillow 

Case I need to slit a throat-

My own, no no zozo leave me the fuck alone!

I- I- I think I see dead people!

I hear them fuckin screamin!

When there’s no one here!

“Schizophrenic” they said 

But that’s not it,

It feels too real. 

Look In the mirror 

I see myself disappear 

In place is the shadow man, 

“Hello” he said “should be dead”

I agree, nod, put it under my jaw 

mic drop.

I saw the Devil 

Soul snatched 

Ohh bad! 

Hold me! can’t breathe! 

I must be asleep 

Wake me up please! 

I see dead people 

Dead children swingin 

What is the meanin?

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