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the electric dome era hopefully the shortest wwe era

the electric dome is k!ll!ng the WWE brand and we all know it sure before the story lines wern't too hot but people would still tune in every now and then to see whats going on but that was back then now? when i turn on WWE i get through maybe a minute before turning it off cuz that dome wreaks of fakeness who are these people who bought tickets to turn on skype? and you know theres so few people watching that to keep the appearance of a full crowd that the same panels have been repeated multiple times over even just a few panels in the crowd would be enough to make me want to turn off the tv cuz whats the point the crowd is getting the same experience i am contrast this to when fans where actually there it was a very different story they had to get into it cuz they where gonna be sittin there for at least an hour with no where to go except concession stands (another thing missed out on by the electric dome) and the bathrooms but also this takes away the performer fan interactions we've seen such as merch being thrown into the crowd or when the match would go out into the fan area all of that kind of stuff the point i'm making is WWE could have the best storylines right now the best wrestling the best wrestlers and it still wouldn't help them with their ratings cuz they don't have the fans compare this to 2 other brands who btw each have aspects that i just mentioned but both are doing 10x better than WWE right now 1st AEW (best wrestlers) who made it a point to keep the audience authentic despite their current storylines being lackluster people are still tuning in and not even because of brand loyalty many of these fans watch other promotions as well but because they like what they're watching on the screen then impact (best storylines) a brand that realistically shouldn't even be relevant anymore has been making huge waves as omega holds their belt hostage the fans keep coming back to see what will happen tune in the fans are there in fact tune in on twitch and you'll see how different the experience between watching in person and behind the screen really is as you hear chants of "this is awesome" or "you got fired" or really anything else like that these same chants don't really appear in the chat there might be a few but instead the chat is filled with people talking about the show and even other shows related theorizing about what could happen and so on both of these shows are currently doing leuges better than WWE and why? well aside from a few common wrestlers due to the open door policy these 2 companies have contracted the common factor is that they have real fans in the audiance not pictures on a screen

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