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anyone looking for a layout? i can make them!

hello everyone! >.<

ignore my current layout of my profile and messages as it is pretty basic but i have been learning html for a while now and i am planning on making some layouts for anyone who is interested! i need some ideas inspo so if anyone has anything specific they wish to have, i will make them (free) :)

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can you make a brown(?) layout? like dark academia ig

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can u please make a gossip girl inspired layout

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omg ily can you make a neco arc one

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wait thats really cool could u make me one?

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omg ! your theme's basic but like really cool ? idk how to explain i just like it ! anyways could you like make a sorta like a emo/scene theme ? with those cute crossbone skulls ?

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Zecnetovk V.

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Yooooooo THATS SO AWESOME!!!! To put music on the blog posts!!!

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can you possibly try make something based of the guy in my pfp (haruka from milgram) LOLS

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could you maybe make like a steampunk/vampiric kinda aesthetic? that would be so cooool (maybe with like a film filter over the top of it

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Oliver ♥

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can you make me a window 98 themed layout? with a loading screen and could you make each text section look like a window? thanks if you do

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woowee are you serious?? like i always always wanted some grungey band layout like nirvana, foo fighters etc. but rlly i couldnt find any and i rlly dont know how to make one ╥﹏╥

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also someone should make a ghibli layout!! That would be so cool!

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what type of ghibil?? movie themed or just in general!! i could potentially make specific movies :)

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omg maybe like a Kiki’s delivery service one or a howls moving castle one?! That would be so cool!

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whoa holy crap how do you make your blog like that?!

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