A spiritual esc post that spoke to me

“I go as far as I want, when I want, this world can't hold me or contain me anymore. I've let go....and now I walk between 2 worlds. 

If I was of this world, I would excel to the same heights in this world that I have excelled to where I'm from. . . But I'm not of this world. 

Where I'm from, I can come and go, back and forth to earth and beyond as I please. We are in this world, but we are not of this world. If we were of this world, it would love us and embrace us as it's own, But since the creator called us out of this world, it hates us just as it hates my creator and the Angelic Hosts of Shemayim. Let's take it a step further, it doesn't understand us either. Reject what we say. Is confused by our words and actions. Mocks, Laughs because they are confounded, those of the world don't understand us. 

A level is reached when you let go. . . 

Truly let go of this world, this life, this flesh, all of it. I think that's what the majority of people struggle with, the letting go....but just as I was speaking with my daughter about last night, do we not trust God? If we trust the creator, then there is nothing to fear and there is no reason to not let go. 

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it, remember!? 

This is part of the letting go process...letting this temporary life go. 

Making up your mind now...thinking, thinking, thinking. Just let it go! Place your time and your trust in what is eternal, nevermind what fades and crumbles to ash and dust with time. 

Set your eyes, your heart, your mind and your soul on the things on high and with time, where the eyes, heart, mind and soul go.....THE BODY FOLLOWS! As with all things.....

It's time, for you to level up and let go. The creator is calling people closer in this time.” 

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