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Paper moon
I watched this film after a presentation given by my teacher used a screenshot as an example for . . . . something I can't remember what the presentation was about, but my teacher he recommended it and I thought "might as well watch it lol". He uses film and film posters as examples of design and art principles and he seems to enjoy film and has high-key taste. Enough about that though, I really enjoyed the film, Tatum o'neal is a really good and plays off her real life father Ryan o'neal very well, They play off of each other very well. I was delighted to see Madeline kahn (I'm always delighted to see mk she's a gem). A child/adult duo of scam artists is a good movie plot and I'm very endeared to these characters even if their motives are sketchy. Probably not a good movie for people who are easily bored it's not a particularly exciting story (though it is a lil funny) but there are some really good moments and I'd recommend it if you enjoy the ~arte of cinema~.


What's up doc 
Same director! Ryan o'neal and Madeline kahn are in this one too! Very different kind of  film however and now Barbara streisand is here also! This film is much more comedic and easier to watch than paper moon. Madeline kahn ~kills~ it, I adore hysterical and obsessive female characters her wispy high-strung voice plus that wig? amazing. I can forgive the films questionable morals on infidelity because of the absolutely bizarre funny situations. I don't think the romantic plot and ending isn't really earned at all but it's a rom com so whatever, I also find Barbara streisand's character more annoying than cute she is very much a manic pixie dream girl but more "manic" than "dreamy". All in all a fun movie to watch if you're in the mood for a 70's comedy.   


Story of temple drake 
The best film I've watched in February I believe hands down. The film was made before the hayes code and deals with a lot of dark issues. Miriam hopkins is great, just in general she's the best. There's a long build up in one scene and it's just so tense and uncomfortable it's great (it's not GREAT but the build up and general tension is done very well). I thought that perhaps that with the character of Temple drake they were going to punish her for her "misdeeds" (Her character is promiscos) but I felt like since we spend most of the film following we are to strongly empathize with her, she goes through horrible traumatic things and the blame is solely of the perpetrators. So yeah good movie :D 


The eyes of Tammy faye
I got ads for this film and I was strongly intrigued, I only knew of Tammy faye through drag race and her relationship to the lgbt community (and that she cried a lot). I have mixed feelings about biopics in general they're either amazing or they're eugh. I believe this was a really good biopic! Tammy faye is such an interesting figure that it would be remiss not make a film about her, Jessica chastain plays our titular miss faye and I think she does a really good job especially as the tanned older Tammy (oh and current internet sweetheart Andrew garfield is here). I could tell that they were definitely going to give Jim Bakker the bad guy inattentive husband treatment which yeah he definitely wasn't a great guy nor are most televangelists who steal money from people who thought they could trust him but I don't really believe Tammy faye to have been innocent of any financial crime at all or wasn't at least complicit in some way. But that is usually the nature of biopics, sympathizing with the person the biopic about is normal. I did find that the way her relationship with her god was portrayed was nice?? idk.    

The king and I 
I'm on a mission to watch almost every film that Deborah kerr has ever been in, So the time came for me to watch "The king and I". So yeah . . . The yellow face isn't great kind of uh not a good look, like at all and just the general racism isn't very cool in fact it's super uncool. It's honestly a shame that this is Deborah kerr's most famous role when it could be tea & sympathy (a baller ass movie). Some positive things I will say is the costume and set design is incredibly pleasing and the cinemascope really wants you to notice and 'Getting to know you' is a cute song and Deborah kerr gives a good performance. But it's super hard to ignore the yellow face. I'm not really sure what recent performances of "King and I" are like maybe they're really good idk but the musical itself might not have aged well itself.


Les miserables : The staged concert 
My first experience with les Misérables! I have a copy of the original novel that is on my reading list. But I just had the urge to watch a lesmis performance so I watched the 2019 london cast recording,, yeah dude I get the hype that music is the definition of ROUSING I felt so powerful, just by listening. A musical that makes me cry ?? happened at least 14 times gets a gold star of approval. My goal is to watch every iteration of lesmis available (including the kind of bad 2013 film adaption).   

Hey y'all this is a little late! these were all written a week or so ago I didn't mean to publish it so late but time just escaped me. I still want to write my little media reviews and stuff but I don't want it to take too long for me to create. So i'm going to change the way I format and write my r3:views from next post onwards. Thank you for reading!

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