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My Middle School Folio...

WARNING = weird body modifications, boobi ahead and mentioning of blood <3

I usually dont hold on to old school book as, yk, they take up space and remind me of shitty teachers. but my middle school print class was different. 
my folio for this subject was one of the first materials in art that i took seriously and i am still really proud of it to this day. It showed that i really cared for the class and spent time on the folio outside of homework hours, as it was fun!

i filled blank spaces in the folio with collages which thickened each page!
i dont really want to focus on my final piece with you guys but more of the collages, as they were my first attempts.
( ok idk why my thumb looks like that but just ignore it )

as mentioned in my previous blog, the first art book that i owned is the one featuring Dalì. I really wanted to tear it up to use in a collage but i also wanted to cherish the book and its really cool artworks... oh well
the random phrases that overlap the collage are from snippets of quotes from the movie / tv-show i was watching at the time. and ill be honest, some of them are cringe af... so dont look too carefully lmao

The Dalì book has ( or what left of it has ) a way of showcasing each artwork that i really love. to the left of the painting, there are three main highlights or focal points of the painting were enlarged. i am not sure if i explained that properly, i have COVID brain right now.
basically you get duplicates of some parts of the painting that are worth noting, which is why you can see below, that there are boxed parts of the same artworks.


above this collage is one of the lino stamps that i used for my final piece, this one was kinda shitty, but i just filled in the blank spaces with sharpie lmao
- if you dont know what linocut is, it is a form of printing or stamping ink onto an artwork. you get a thick-ish block of lino that you can carve away the negative spaces, so the remaining lifted pieces of lino are the ones to leave a mark.

i dont actually think i used the Dalì book for this collage, i think it is made up of pieces from The Companion Guide book that i mentioned in the last blog post. oh well, i reckon its cool anyways

hope you lovelies have a wonderful day / night, take care of yourselves

thankyou for readin
max <3

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this is so cool!

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