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i hate modern internet

I hate social media but for some reason i cant let go of it. It started with tik tok and i deleted it Its literal cancer. People glamorizing suicide and fake alternative people. And ppl spreading lies and rumors and i was sick of it so i deleted it. I thought it was only tik tok but turns out its THE INTERNET IN GENERAL. Like I never knew but youtube is the SOURCE of it. I normally use instagram which isnt rlly any better but again its pretty hard. Thats kinda why im on spacehey. I feel like whenever I go on it im time traveling to the age of when social media wasnt toxic which sadly, i wasnt alive in. I enjoy going on lesser-kown websites made in the early 2000s/90s. I know that this constant practice of avoiding the things around me can be harmful but then again ignoring social media is almost as toxic as having it. Its a big coping mechanisim. I joined this group here called "Reclaiming the Internet" and its full of those websites. I absolutley love going on it. But then i look at myslef and realized im addicted to these websites just how i was when i had mainstream social media. Im actually trying to get rid of using the internet AT ALL. After reading the conspiracy theories on the gov watchin you and shit its pretty terrifying. Sometimes i wish everyone was on the same page as me. Like do these people not notice that theyre entire personality is being stolen from the internet? Seriously, when i ask people about themselves they always mention a social media star. I wish everyone could just get off there phones and look outside. Being honest Id rather receive a letter from my friend then a text. Do i sound hypocritical? Complaining abt the internet ON THE INTERNET. I also NEVER go outside. Im on my laptop every second of the day because i feel abnormal when im not. All im saying is i wanna stop feeling this way. I wish i was never this way in the first place.

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i literally agree with u 100% i just observe people be fucken idiots from a distance and belive everything they see right away and follow cringe trends XDDD all these new wave "scenecore" kids make me wanna kms

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Abhishek Nath

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Now a days lot of people started to hate the modern internet because of some paid promotion. As an example if you search for office relocation service then you get a lot of results for that particular keyword. Among them all are not genuine some of them are good and some of them may be spam. So, before choosing relocation service always you should follow some tips like checking and comparing the price, checking their office and also check the reviews.

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ty for the advice!!

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ur right, but sadly we cant do anything about it because social media took over the world :/

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it did, it rlly did

by zippy; ; Report

Since you’re tired of it and wish it would change, BE the change!

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Try taking a social media detox, try doing other activities little by little!

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