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Banks! Enough

Can we agree going into 2008? That the comments will stop, I am not gay, I have a girlfriend, I love. You're just a self-entitled bitch who when is miserable you try to make everyone else miserable. I have no clue why everyone is practically afraid to tell you so. What happened to Bailey is not funny! 

I'm so glad, winter break's in a few days. I get away from you for a bit, bitch. 

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Noa, come on

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Your just mad, your failing art, which is pathetic given who your grandma is :*

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Your just passing art because your a suck up to Ms. L

by Noah Red; ; Report

I most certainly am not. Even if I did say the person I suspect of leaking your girlfriend's very scandalous photos, no one would believe me

by LeAnNa; ; Report

Fine, maybe your not

by Noah Red; ; Report

You're just mad, you're going to lose valedictorian to me. Face Red, I will always win and you will always lose, just like your girlfriend lose her clothes, but be real those photos were never for you *kissy face*

by LeAnNa; ; Report

You're real smug for someone who fell on their ass at regionals on national television, you know that?

by Noah Red; ; Report

I thought you wanted a break from me? What is your boyfriend and fake girlfriend, not enough?

by LeAnNa; ; Report

Damn, didn't take the bait? I was having fun *sad face*

by LeAnNa; ; Report