My Road Trip 7-24-21

So lots of you were asking me via Discord for me to talk about my road trip over the weekend. Well, let's get into it, shall we? We took two vehicles since there were 6 of us going and we had only cars available—3 in one car and 3 in the other. Well, the entire trip was about 4 hours long, and we went to the aquarium. The whole place was super crowded when we got there, and people were basically on top of each other. What's a pandemic? I actually ended up walking with an entirely different family briefly. I had my brother's girlfriend beside me, and we were talking about something, and I turned back around. Well, I saw what I thought was her start to walk off, so I followed, and nobody said anything. The mom of that group realized I wasn't their teen daughter, and we all laughed about it. They thought I was their daughter the whole time as well. We did a speed run through the aquarium because it was so crowded. It was dark in both buildings we had to go in, and of course, kiddo starts screaming, "I want to go home," when we were halfway through the aquarium. Honestly, it wasn't worth the drive or money because they didn't have anything worth seeing. They only had a few big fish and tons of turtles. So many turtles. We went to eat on the way back home, and that was nice. We almost got into two accidents on the way back home. Saw three accidents not too far apart from each other on the interstate, so it was probably just a bad day for everyone.  I did take a few pictures at the aquarium but not enough to post anywhere. The thing is, my family is absolute trash when it comes to road trips. The chaos and the drama on the road make it super unenjoyable for everyone, especially if we have to do stuff as soon as we get to our destination. Maybe one day, my family will calm down enough to make things more pleasant for our sanity. xD

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