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Posted: 7/27/21
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
I called this the Mushroom Puzzle because the layout of the numbers reminds me of a mushroom. This is one of the first Sudoku puzzles I have ever made. I made it for my dad's birthday, so it is very special! :D

Posted: 7/28/21
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Green tea... It's been one of my favorite drinks since childhood. It's only fitting that I name one of my puzzles after it. But it's even MORE fitting for you to solve it while drinking some green tea! ;D

Posted: 8/8/21
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Sunday nights are underrated. They're exciting because it's the last day of the weekend. You get to plan out a new week and look forward to it. I like them, more people should appreciate them.

Posted: 8/30/21
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
I had a really hard time rating the difficulty for this one. I titled it sleepy because I made it while I was tired. It's a cozy puzzle that will make you feel nice if you're winding down.

Posted: 8/30/21
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
This is a simple puzzle that was created with the sole purpose of looking like a kitty. There is not much else to it. It might be my favorite one because I'm a girl and I get overwhelmed when things are cute.

Posted: 9/5/21
Difficulty: Easy
Because there are a lot of beginners to Sudoku on here, I decided to make a very approachable puzzle for noobs. I hope that this puzzle makes it easy to understand the rules.

Posted: 9/5/21
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Telephone lines are happy places for birds to perch on. Imagine you're filling in the grid like there are flocks of birds suddenly crowding up the lines!! Ahhh!!!

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problem loading page ) :

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Which puzzle?

by Kamiau; ; Report

nevermind ! they work now =0

by marchewka; ; Report

Okay cool :D

by Kamiau; ; Report

Aaliyah Wolf

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ohno I got caught up playing sudoku instead of working @0@!

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Thanks for trying them out!! :D Focus on your work tho lol

by Kamiau; ; Report