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finding ancient ruins

on a big mountain in southern turkey I went to the lost city of Trebenna. The sheep herder was showing me the way. A big dilapidated castle of Greek origin. And the call to prayer was going off below in the small village, the light shown down on the mountains in those heavenly rays.5 hours west lays Lake Bafa. Ancient ruins are on islands in the lake, and the meadows are covered in boulders and ancient castles. The dairy cows roam free and the locals offer turkish rakki.

 I recommend finding ancient ruins, for these places are seemingly untouched in time.  
Soon I will visit Iran for ancient ruins, and central Asia. Egypt, south, so as to get away from the city.  Sudan (i wish) Maybe becoming a desert dweller on a chinese honda c90. 
Do you have any recommendations!

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have you seen hittite ruins?

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not yet! its on my way to georgia. near to the famous ruins lays a series of underground tunnels and caverns which i will explore.

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