Memoirs Of Me<3 Pt.I

I really just wanted to already have a blog because I feel like it’s here so I should use it. So like yeah I really don’t have anything else to say, and you can find everything about me on my profile. You know just send me a friend request i’ll probably accept it. I have my own group called whatever like go join or you could just message me. I have like no filter let’s talk about anything. If I block you it’s probably for a really good reason because again I don’t have a filter or necessarily really care about anything too much. Some of the ways you can get blocked is spamming, being really sensitive, spreading false rumors about me, and probably some other stuff I can’t think about rn. It was nice talking even though no ones really probably gonna read this. 

BYE IDIOTS<3(I wanna say XD but it rly dosent fit with what i’m saying and only weird scene/emo/goth ppl do that so bye)

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