The definition of a Pick-Me Girl

I’m either going to get a lot of controversy or debate about this thought but I’m going to say it either ways. So the definition of a Pick-Me Girl is when a girl degrades or devalues women to put men on a pedestal, in other other words, a girl praising men while putting women down. But however from what I’ve been noticing and seeing, a lot of people are getting the Pick-Me Girl definition misunderstood or confused or twisting the definition because people think that if a girl likes masculine-related things or has a masculine type of energy that it makes her a “Pick Me” and that dosent make sense. Putting women down and having a masculine energy are two different things. 

For example a pick me girl would either say “I only hang out with boys because girls are so dramatic” or “girls are always so catty and sneaky that’s why I’m different from the rest of them”. But if a girl shares that she likes sports such as basketball or wrestling or likes dressing up in boys clothes, that does not make her a pick me girl. Girls can have a masculine personality or energy and still praise other women or be friends with them. I usually seen this on Tik Tok or Insta more than other platforms but this is my input and thoughts on this, I also notice that nobody calls a male a “Pick Me Boy” for liking feminine things or having a feminine side to them but it’s always the opposite for women 🧐but anyways take this with a grain of salt if you will 🤷🏼‍♀️This is just my thought and opinion on the whole concept of a Pick Me Girl.

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this is so true, every time theres a new term for a type of girl it immediately becomes used in a misogynistic way

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you said it so well

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i h8 seeing a woman getting called a “pick me” for no reason, especially when theyre being called it for.. literally just being an attractive female?! people make no sense

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i agree 100%

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