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This sounds so sad...

... But fucking around with HTML on here, relearning stuff I haven't done since I was 12 and getting to fine tune my profile... Has been the most fun/the most invested I've been in something for a while. 
It's sad. But thank you Spacehey for existing. 

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+1 to that, I missed out on myspace when I was younger so this is as close of an experience I'll get - I'm rusty on my HTML since I have not used it in like 8+ years but I'm excited to finally use it!

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Lmao I feel that! Its fun to relearn and fuck with though, I should probably tinker a bit more but I don't wanna break anything now that it's looking decent.

by ♡ Belle ♡; ; Report

aaahhh! I think I came across like some tool that you can fuck around with that's like a test/demo profile you can tinker with until you like how it looks - like it's almost like those 'tryit editors' from w3schools but it has the default profile code for spacehey. Once you like how it looks, you just copy/paste the code over. I'm so upset I can't remember what that site was 😖 sorry - will update you if I come across it again one day haha

by ☾★𝓒elestial_𝓒elery☆☽; ; Report

Oh no worries! I think I'm happy with my layout for now anyway :>

by ♡ Belle ♡; ; Report