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i got up real early today (3:30am) so i got to enjoy the whole morning.
you should know that i'm quite fond of morning, and there are a couple reasons as to why, let me list a couple of them.
first, i get to have yerba mate with the old people that conceived me, which, if handled correctly, can be a real good time.
After that i watched some 90's anime and read some things until 12am, made lunch, ate lunch, read some more and took a nap.
And now we're here.

Okay, i admit it, my life isn't very interesting.

Let's talk about dreams, you guys ever get lucid dreams? cuz i do, and they're always the coolest shit. Sometimes I'll dream I'm a wizard, or paranormal detective looking for ghost to beat up.
And whenever i get a scary one it always turns out in my favor. It sometimes even feels like my subconscious is just trying to cheer me up.
My favorite dream ever, all though not a lucid one, is a short story my subconcious made up and played in my head as a series of silent images.
To this day I'm still impressed at the consistency of the story my head could tell while asleep.

It all starts with an astronaut landing in a weird fleshy red planet and staying there for a short time, but when he gets on his ship to leave the planet he realizes a part of the ship has fused with it's flesh.
After an undefined amount of time, another astronaut lands in this planet, and tries to help the first one repair his ship only to find himself on the same situation.
After a long time passes, the two astronauts finally use several parts from each ship to create a funtioning one capable to get them off the planet, but over the time it took them to do so, each of them started fusing with the fleshy planet.
At this point, the condition astronaut that first came onto the planet appears to be way more developed than that of the second, after all he spent more time on the heavenly body until the second astronaut arrived.
(shitty depiction)
After some discussion, they get to the conclusion that the first astronaut has come to depend on the planet to live, and if he were to escape, he would die.
But finally, the second astronaut convinces him to try anyway, as a life in solitude within that wandering space rock could hardly be called a life, and both of them get on the ship.
The final thing i saw in my dream was the ship going into space, and it was never answered in my head whether or not the first astronaut lived.

This is my favorite dream i've ever had, and since them i haven't had dreams with that level of detail and meaning before.
I can also remember some of the images flashing in my head being very vivid, like the once blue suit of the astronaut becoming a pulsing red and black overtime, corrupted by the planet.
While not all the images where this descriptive, i could always acertain the context behind them, as it was my head creating them after all.
None the less, i encourage everyone to attempt to remember and always write their dreams, as it helps to make these sorts of crazy detailed dreams pop up.

Well, that's all, hopefully you've found it even remotely interesting or at least worth reading.

Uh? what's that? you want something?
I... uhh... i don't have anything to give you. Okay, wait a moment, I'll be right back.





Uff, that's one ugly looking box,  you can have whatever is inside.


you can go now.

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