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It's really hard really hard to make friends especially with women. I feel better making friends with guys then girls because the fact that it less drama. Girls tend to think I'm the backstabber when I'm not. I get treated differently since I'm shy and deal with mental issues and I have a speech impediment. Which that stuff makes me have self esteem issues cuz I have been bullied about it. Girls also act like I'm the person who causes drama but I rather stay away from that. 

The last real best friend I had became a different person and went in a crowd I wanted to stay away from. I'm not into parties or drinking and doing drugs I'm homebody I like going to museums, restaurants, and like adventure out like travel. I'm trying to make friends on social media sites. I get super shy talking on the phone or in person it takes a while to open up.  I'm hoping all this makes sense I feel like I jump around. Well imma end this and see what happens   

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