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Here's my link directory for all you babes!

 There may be duplicate links, and some links may be dead (especially the TOR ones). Descriptions may also be outdated as a lot of these links were collated when I first began looking into this stuff. Any suggestions and corrections appreciated!



NEOCITIES AND CLEARNET LINKS -Collection of 3D Projects -Directory of odd websites -Probably one of the most known neocities homepages -Similar to link above, web lounge -Web lounge/blog/neopets fan page - Personal web lounge -Page hosting a surreal web comic - 2-bit ode to nostalgic gaming - Bizarre adventure game/ poetry collection -Scene culture in a web page -The 404 error page for the 2-bit site. Stumbled across it on accident. -Obscure old web-worshipping tumblr blog with references to Osamu Sato -Make glittery text for sites -Glitter gif editor -Ancient archive of myspace backgrounds -Simple web label maker -Error message generator -Archive of gifs all across geocities and neocities -88 by 31 button collection -Archive of "Under Construction" gifs -Archive of "Click to email" gifs -Blingee alternative -Edit GIFs online -Photography/tech blog -Collection of horror gifs perfect for Halloween -An epic gamer's personal site -Site hosting a variety of .js projects -Personal site, one of my favourites -Neocities Search Engine -Edgy personal homepage - Fan site for Baroque (game) -Somebody's private love confession -A bar in VR. See for yourself -Some kind of bizarre personal page -Picture of a window, that's it -PS1 fansite? Has mention of LSD Dream Emulator -Someone having a breakdown + -Look for yourself -Anti-capitalist conspiracies -Another VR experiment -Anti-semitic Portugese conspiracies. Yeah. -Coded page? We can try crack it but it's probably just an ARG -Food menu site with a funny background -Very very cool gaming site -Character profile page- a bit insane -A religious ramble (translate it from Japanese) -Somebody going insane probably -Someone who's already gone insane -Pretty well-known personal web lounge -Personal blog. My favourite link is the website manifesto, reflects how I feel very well -Vaporwave group, their bandcamp is really cool -The background impressed me but the rest is just wannabe hacker cringe by the looks of it -Edgy doomsday anime site -Interactive image/somebody's house -(change the number after geocities-archive/ to get a different archive page)-These contain a lot of old geocities pages to explore. -Some kind of Dutch hell -Manifesto on NSA spyware -Surreal hellsite, honestly looks like something I'd make -Windows 11 Free Download -Someone rambling about cows -Bizarre time conspiracies -Website about a non-existent country -Someone who's very scared of nuclear power plants -Guide on how NOT to make a website (I like doing the exact opposite of what it says) -Imageboard made up of postcards people sent the admin -Religious hellsite -Minesweeper online -9/11 Conspiracies -Famous neocities classic -More indie games, Kanoguti's my favourite :) -Communist texts -Random page generator -Random page generator -John Perry's Homepage -Site documenting the most bizarre fundamentalist quotes -Anarchist text files -Art simulation -Coded ARG or something weird -Really interesting interactive site -Random art exploration

(Some of these may now be moved or deleted) -Clearnet directory, kinda bad -Best directory -Huge data archive
http://xjo4i6mysuwoe72l.onion/ -Website dedicated to Stalin
http://tirxscsg3pcenlff67ecn2kb3jfv3ori7bgwryyn7btktohfdkms2cyd.onion/ -Anti-China site containing records of all things China has done wrong -NPC Meme Generator
http://psvbjbjy7s5xf4qp.onion/ -A huge archive of games
http://sntfgwfami5fdbn5.onion/ -Sonic the Hedgehog fangame
http://inclibuql666c5c4.onion/?document=view&id=1266 -A copy of Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey

Black Hat Chat (note: this chat does not allow illegal content) - http://blkhatjxlrvc5aevqzz5t6kxldayog6jlx5h7glnu44euzongl4fh5ad.onion/index.php?lang=en 
Chat with Strangers - http://tetatl6umgbmtv27.onion/ 
Element Chat - 


The Incorrect Library - http://inclibuql666c5c4.onion/


[Image Hosts] 
Just upload stuff - http://jusfileobjorolmq.onion/ 

OTHER -Blog with Sapari Mentions -VRML Colour Picker (as they use RGB Decimals) -Worlds players and their respective worlds -Contains info on Microsoft V-Chat -The Palace homepage -Old Palace homepage -Bruce Damer's info on The Palace -Cybertown reboot project -Fully working dollmaker site -Candybar Dollmaker -Dollzmania clone (not working as far as I know) -Doll site- no dollmaker but lots of awards and dolls -Similar to above -WinXP Simulator -Windows desktop themes from the Archive -Old game blog and Archive- I found some lost games on here. -TempleOS homepage by Terry -Cyber 2000s Tumblr Blog -Unlisted Youtube videos

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i keep coming back to this theres some really great stuff

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I have more as well that I'm gonna add soon!!

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Awesome site !

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Windows 11 is really cheap to buy so there is no need to take risks and download from dubious sources. If anyone is looking for this system, I recommend this online store:

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i love sapari

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same XD

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Nice work, that took some time to write out! haha I have a directory like this on an SD card somewhere, I just need to try and find it now. XD

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oh hell yeah, send me a link if you find it! I love finding cool webpages haha

by cybervenus; ; Report

Sure thing! I just hope I didn't lose it or format the card that it was on lol

by R0gU3_K3y5; ; Report

fingers crossed!

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This is amazing omg!!!

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aww thank you, hope these links were fun!

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omg awesome!! Especially loving the dolls and Sapari links B)

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omg you like sapari as well? that's so cool! have you seen their discord?

by cybervenus; ; Report

No?? Wow!! Thats sick :OO

by poppyp; ; Report

I can send you a link if you'd like! I left though because I was never active on there haha

by cybervenus; ; Report


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you're an angel for this, holy shit thank u!!!

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hehe no problem, enjoy the links!

by cybervenus; ; Report


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I feel like I just come across a hidden treasure chest. :D

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haha, thanks! this directory keeps me entertained every time I remember about it :)

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Hamed M.

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That's amazing, thank you!

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No problem :)

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You try the tor browser? I read a bit about it but never tried... what do you think or find i. There?

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In my opinion it's really good, there are certain things you have to keep in mind while using it but it's good for privacy and anonymity. I usually go on there to chat or browse chans, but honestly it's not that interesting once you've found the well known stuff- i2p has much better links in terms of weird/obscure sites.

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Thanks haha :)

by cybervenus; ; Report