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??? question survey by monotony

❀ a lot o " em but not all o " em ❀

what was your screen name on AIM? (if you weren't around for that, what's your gamer tag/alias)

we are not cross examining my internet aliases

if you were a genre what would you be? (doesn't have to exist already)
post fart punk

if you could choose 5 people to live on a commune with who would it be?
the founders of mary kay , luluemon , cabi , herbalive , and avon  

what phone game would you recommend someone plays?
tap tap revenge

what would be your ideal line-up for a show? (3 artists only)
the father son and the holy spirit 

do you talk shit to other drivers even though they cant hear you?
ya i h8 it when ppl tailgate me and suck the fart out of my exhaust pipe

if you had to play a card game 1 hour a day for a week straight, what would it be? (not restricted to traditional card games, trading card games also count)

brain quest 7th grade

do you think Coca-Cola(tm) tastes better in a glass bottle or is there literally no 

what musician or musical group needs to make a comeback in 2021?
still w8ing on a new mild high club album ellipses

make up a slang term and define it for us
nard ... iykyk

what game are you horrible at but still have fun playing?
homm ii

act like we're fancy for a sec what is your favorite cheese and wine
a good brie & sangiovese (fuck) 

have you had something positive happen to you that completely changed your outlook on life?
my dad took a piss one fated day and it caused me 2 find my life ' s meaning DM 4 more info

what is/was your favorite game to play at an arcade?
smokin token 

are you a "essential worker"?
ya i pick ur boogers ... 

when covid is officially done and we can come out to play, where will you go first?

a new job 

pick a comedian you like that IS NOT an edge lord

chris fleming

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