Homophobia is a Sin


The congregation gathers the priest begins to speak They all pretend to matter to the higher God they preach 

Their sins are repent their lies go away On Jesus’ dead body they begin to pray 

The blood spilled is nothing nothing but a ticket To do everything wrong all that God prohibits 

“Love thy neighbour” or everyone like you Take in the Bibles words but then misconstrue 

Your tattoo of a cross is strictly against the Holy Spirit And you keep listening to Gods words but you never seem to hear(heed) it 

“Love thy neighbour”, as God says and they “received in themselves the penalty due for their error” It’s not your job to do Gods bidding for men who “were inflamed with lust for one another” 

Your job is to love and let God take over. 

Does going against your religion give you a sense of closure?


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