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I think one thing that people overlook about emo music was that it was one of the few genres that explicitly tackled the idea of suicide, depression, self-loathing, etc. at the time in a very accessable way.

I mean, it's probably like "duh, of course emo music is about all that bullshit"

but I think people don't appreciate that those songs could come from a genuine place and it could have a positive effect on a kid who was isolated, without resources in a time and place where nobody talked about those things

It probably just sounds like "boo-hoo no one understands me." but when I was 12-13 I was seriously struggling with issues inward and outward I didn't even realize were that bad until years later. everyone had me believe that my feelings were invalid and this genre was the only thing I could escape into, the only thing that made me feel like I wasn't alone
and I know I'm not alone in that experience.

so it really irritates me that the genre's impact on real life people is never acknowledged except as a joke

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