Vaccination Experience

I recently received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. It was last Sunday actually. It took a while but they finally allowed people in my age range to receive the vaccine.

I went to make an appointment online which took some time. I had to fill in all my information which took a couple minutes but by the time I had reached the bottom of the page, the appointment time I'd picked had been taken. This happened a couple times before I was able to get an appointment. Unfortunately I just picked the next one which was early Sunday morning.

The night before my best friend and I talked on the phone for hours which resulted in me staying up until around 4 AM which normally isn't a problem but of course I didn't get much sleep before my appointment.

I ended up waking up early enough that I could have breakfast and relax before I went. And since I'd ended up leaving so early I decided to walk to my appointment which wasn't far from my house. It took maybe up to twenty-five minutes to walk there.

I arrived maybe three minutes early and a small line was already forming. I sat down somewhere for a couple minutes and then turned to see that the line had gotten much longer so I joined at the back.

There were two people who before letting us in would ask the typical questions, if we'd traveled recently or had any symptoms. Then we waited in another line inside to register.

I sat down next to a table and someone confirmed all of my information and by then there wasn't much of a line and I was directed to someone who was available to give me my shot.

The girl who gave me my shot faced me in her chair but my chair was facing the other side so that she was next to me. She talked to me through the whole thing and told me to relax my arm as she rolled up my t-shirt sleeve. She also spoke the whole time as she gave me my shot which I barely felt to the point I wasn't sure if she'd already done it. After that she'd checked the time and wrote down on the informational booklet I was given what time I could leave.

Then I walked into an area with spaced out chairs where everyone sat and waited for about fifteen minutes before we could leave. I didn't have any symptoms that were mentioned. I was just tired from the lack of sleep. Once I left I stopped for an iced cappuccino at Tim Hortons before I walked back home. I'd planned on stopping at a store but I was tired and just wanted to rest.

I spent a lot of the day relaxing in bed which was where I realize how sore my arm was. It only hurt when I leaned on it. Nothing major. And that was it.

I won't be able to get my second shot for some months, I guess because of the way Canada is handling vaccinations. I'll have a birthday before I get my second shot. I'm just glad we were able to get our shots now and not much later as people originally predicted.

Sorry for the boring blog post but I just thought I'd share my experience for anyone who's curious what it's like. The end.

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C. Lockhart

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I always find it weird, how some places make you wait. If something does wrong, theres really nothing they can do about it anyway.

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