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non 360 controllers on the xbox360

ok this will be sort of similar to my similarly titled blog on the ps3 however there will be more to this so a quick explanation as to why i'm doing this one we've had the slim model for a long time in 2018 due to circumstances it was at my grandparents house while there it developed disc trey jamming issues this is where i'm going to note this 360 belongs to my parents not me anyways one day i tried unjamming it with a butter knife (never do this if your 360 disk trey is jammed use an old credit card to un jam it) and failed instead of unjaming it i ensured that the trey would never open again and even if it did theres probably something inside thats broken now so i ended up buying my mom a new 360 i didn't do too much research all i knew was there where newer models of the 360 than the slim i figured if i was going to replace it i was going to replace it with the newer "better" model which was the elite (this would devolop it's own issues it has the open trey error which while annoying doesn't render the disc drive completely useless like the slim) anyways the slim is now in my room mostly as a streaming box though i do have some games downloaded onto it the elite is in the living room now onto what caused me to want to do this blog i think someone spilled something on the controller for the elite model it smells like pepper and it doesn't matter the batteries i put into it it won't turn on i even tried blowing on the contact points to be sure it wasn't dust i have a wired 360 controller which i used but my wired controller is on the fritz if i move too much it disconnects for no reason at all and i have to unplug and plug it back in again i thought about it recently steam recognizes some of my none 360 controllers as a 360 controller so i'm curious about how some of these will work on an actual 360 heck i'll even try the ones steam recognizes as PlayStation controllers cause why not i'm experimenting anyways now i have 2 xboxs so i'll try these out on both models which will be bolded for sections i will use blink and underline for controller models if you're curious due to similarity i'd say if you're reading this for the og model read observations for the elite as those 2 are more similar than the elite is to the slim (which is extremely stupid when you think about it) note this blog will be updated as i try different controllers just like the ps3 blog is updated


see slim as i did that one first and theres literally no difference keeping these split in case this somehow changes down the line i mean i eventually will have to try an original xbox and an xboxone controller XD


the playstation classic controller did not work but even if it did i wouldn't recommend it anyways because the front usb slots are deep which means it's gonna be difficult to get it out of there

the microsoft sidewinder gamepad against what you would think with it being a microsoft controller did not work however it does light up meaning it is recognized in hope that it was reading as possibly a fight stick i went to mortal kombat arcade trilogy and tried it there to no success so the only interesting thing about this one is that the light on the controller turns on

the horipad nintendo switch pro controller does not work at all although this gives me an idea for another blog stay tuned for that if i decide to do it

the logitech f310 also did not work however when you push mode the light does come on so i tried it in every possible mode (including changing the position of the switch in the back) and nothing i'm starting to think this thing has a way of locking out non 360 controllers i only own 1 other controller as of right now that i haven't tried yet and given the way the switch pro controller worked i don't think tht one is going to work either

predictably the pokken controller did not work (for more information on my pokken controller see the non ps3 on ps3 controller blog)

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