Space/Hay zone.

we're passing a Tascam 8-track back and forth for the Winter.... for eventual release, probably on Chocolate Monk?

and as much as we miss touring, might be a while yet, but definitely thinking about outdoor guerrilla/generator sets in Seattle (and perhaps elsewhere around th' NW?) in 2021, to a super limited amount of folks, etc....

friend us here for future tour shet, etc. 'll update once we're hitting the road again proper, yahhhhhhhh<<<<

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Miss my tascam cassette 8 track from the 90s. Had the beige one. Still have the 4 track though

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I had the grey Tascam 414 in the late 90s. it's still getting use, I gave it to a friend a handful of years back, yuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,

by Forrest Friends; ; Report

Still using my 424 as well

by dolphinbrain; ; Report


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Wait, a Tascam 8 track? Like a reel to reel or a cassette recorder?

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it's actually a digital one, just uses memory cards!

I am used to using a cassette 4-track, but pretty much the same.

can't wait to share some of this stuff that we're coming up with, but sitting on it all fr now,,,,,,

by Forrest Friends; ; Report

Oooohhh that's pretty sweet. Y'all have a bandcamp I can follow?

by Ian; ; Report

oh yahhhhh:



by Forrest Friends; ; Report

Niiiiiiice!!! I just gave a follow. I'm excited for the next release

by Ian; ; Report