Wedding Rings for Summer Flings


Wedding rings for summer flings and all the other stupid things I said to get you into bed. 

I tried to send you a letter but you never gave me your address, maybe it’s because you were too busy getting undressed with someone else. 

I keep my jealousy close because I’m the only one you own I am the best out of them all. 

The compass around my neck telling me where to go and who not to know. 

Old soul in the corpse of a teenage black hole. 

I told you it was a bad idea but you didn’t listen and now we’re in this fucking mess. 

At least I have the decency to lie. 

All the pain you put me through but yet I still manage to love you. 

You truly are a man of mystery 

And I truly am a man of misery 

We’re all just pawns in an old chess game that’s been buried with the player. 

I’m a flame, a fire burning through forests. You’re oxygen, fuelling me through what must be done. 

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