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Covid and mental health


So many people have been dramatically affected this year by the pandemic and it’s made me wonder, are other people feeling the same things as me?

When the year started I was in such a great place with my mental health, but that quickly changed. California went into lockdown 3 days before my 30th birthday, so something I had been looking forward to celebrating with friends got spoiled, but I thought, “hey, two weeks of this won’t be that bad and I can celebrate then.” Well two weeks has turned into 9 months of uncertainty from every angle.

Over the course of the lockdown, my anxiety has fluctuated, and in recent months I’ve been getting panic attacks from all the mixed emotions I’ve been experiencing. I keep telling myself that everything will be okay, and to breathe, but a lot of the times it’s hard to get through the day doing simple tasks.

Seeing and hearing about my friends and coworkers not being as affected by this as me made me wonder; has anyone else been experiencing similar feelings and if so what are some things that help pull you back up to stay afloat?

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As a musician and having my main outlet of performing live completely shut down I understand a bit of what you're feeling. I often wondered in the past if I was treating live music as another substance to abuse, and if it was ever healthy for me at all (bar life, drinking, late nights/no sleep, etc). If I've been clinging to it for 13+ years as an unhealthy coping mechanism. Covid hitting has made me feel like an addict being weened off of drugs. Aching to have it all back the way it was, falling into despair, questioning my existence beyond being an entertainer. I still haven't adjusted completely.

But lately I've been working harder to make myself go through the same steps as when my usual depression hits, and I identify it for what it is: Go shower. Make sure I listen to music at least once a day. Pick up my guitar fir a lil bit. Check in if I have even eaten today. Talk to/msg/comment to at least one person.

It's not a lot. But those have pulled me up from feeling like I've wasted yet another day in these seemingly endless, monotonous days.

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@ Isaac Nicholson I’ve been trying my best to stay positive, I was doing fine for the first half but over the past 3 months things have just gotten so bad in my area and for me personally. I gotta try and keep projecting positivity (just not for covid lol)

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I personally liked 2020. it was worse than most years. but I managed to enjoy it. all ya gotta do is be positive, but not for covid.

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@mel Dang I’m sorry that happened, I’m really hoping your move and transition to a new city is going much better now. This year has seriously taken a toll on everyone. I hope things are getting easier for you now.

I’m going to take your advice and try and do more things at home that make me happy, I’m so stuck in a never ending routing that I need to break.

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i'm with you there. i got to celebrate my 25th birthday with a group of friends just a couple weeks before things started getting bad here in the US, and that's like my last positive memory pre-pandemic...

during the pandemic, i broke up with my partner of 4 years (ouch) and moved to a new city alone, so i added an extra level of stress and change to the situation. i'm fortunate to have a secure job that allows me to work from home, but oh boy have my depression and anxiety been thriving this year nonetheless!

what's helped me the most (besides therapy lol) is just really indulging in whatever brings me some crumbs of serotonin, whatever it is, no matter if it's seen as cringey or anything. and validating your own feelings is so important too!

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