its 2005... Panic at the Disco just released 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies', you're listening as you play The Sims 2, playing as yourself and your highschool crush who has no idea you exist, but little does he know you're married and have 3 kids together, lulz, your nokia phone rings, its not 9 pm yet so you don't answer it, you log into Myspace and realize your bestfriend took you off her top 8, you make a post ranting about it but don't mention her just in case it was a mistake. Its 9pm, the hot guy you've been talking to online calls you, you talk till 1am. Your bestfriend said hes fake but that bitch took you off her top 8 so what does she know... You cant sleep. You grab your Camera, you check the sd card slot, its in there... good. Its 1:38am, your parents are asleep, you're makeup is done, hair teased and stiff. Time for a new PFP, hopefully someone will L4L. XD RawR Its 3am and your still Photoshoping? Moms going to kill me tomorrow....

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I wish I was old enough for that era

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