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Intro [Haxe 3D micro game framework #1]

Hi folks!

I'm using this language, Haxe to create a mini 3D game framework with Lime as a start.

My plan is to make little games and demos on the same vein my favorite games from the J2ME/Symbian era like Legend Of Zelda [1], Rally 3D (Rally Pro Contest), ContrTerrorism3D, Asphalt series and many others I can't recall.

Since Haxe is built for cross-platform I might even publish something on the web or Android.

I have some screen shots of what I currently have (no feature list yet, just the bare minimum like cube and plane primitives, textures and shader loading, sprite animation and basic bitmap font support. I'm implementing .obj loading and hope to feature it in the next post).

That's it for today, see you in the next post!


[1] I know Legend of Zelda isn't exclusive from J2ME, but the J2ME remains one of my favorite games.

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