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mario kart 9 item speculation

i just saw a meme that spurred on a bit of thought i won't be going over all items but rather the ones that i think would be insane cool and/or compete games changers ect ect ect remember this is all theorizing speculation there is no guarantee any of these will be in mario kart 9

super horn

of course the previous game changer would change this item in mk8 this item is rare and can only be obtained in higher positions to combat the white shell this item will have to be made available to all placements for the sake of balance to not offset the blue shells original purpose rarity will be based on placement it'll remain rare in high positions but the further back you are the more common it should be and yes that means making items such as mushrooms or the star or the bullet bill more common in 8-12th places to allow the ability to catch up that exzist in most mario kart games (the super horn is a more defencive item and as a result would not be a great item to receive in last place other then to defend against the white shell)

super bell

what will this item do? idk but i know that it will make your driver a cat version of themselves for a duration of a certain time this obviously means there won't be a cat peach i also suggest removing tonooki mario however i understand if they don't

intangible mushroom

this is an item that appeared in super mario 64 and it's function here will be similar for a short period of time you will become intangible think basically the ghost item but for a longer period of time also added to it when activated you will receive the typical mushroom boost

metal mushroom

makes your character metal and slower however collision with opponents will flatten them and you are now invulnerable to shells including blue and white shells it'll be attainable in all positions rarity will be the same as the super horn

black shell

this item is a commonly appears in the mk arcade games what does it do? it's a green shell that explodes on impact similar to the way the blue shell explodes this obviously will be more rare than the typical shells however it won't be among the rarest items also i wouldn't drag it for obvious reasons

fake item

ok just a quick one i want to talk about defiantly this item should return however we need the fake items to look as similar to the real items as possible with enough differences that someone who knows what to look for can distinguish it from a real item block

bowser shell

some of you may remember this item specifically from double dash though it also appears in tour it's just an oversized green shell defiantly it'll be more common than the black shell but rarer than the usual shells for obvious reasons also it'll be weighted to back positions however mid positions will be able to receive it as well when dragging instead of being held behind the vehicle it'll be held infront it'll also not be destroyed till it has hit a certain number of opponents (i'd say between 5 and 8 would be good) before it is released


3 hammers are thrown ahead in an arching pattern

switch hook

i figure since link is now part of the mario kart roaster an item or 2 from the zelda series should be added the switch hook will act like a greenshell until it makes contact with another player where it will switch the user and the contacted players positions

spin top

also from zelda serise this item will blow through immediately forward opponents as it's goes up into the air with you on top you will then drive off and be in glide mode

splat gun

just like zelda items this is just because splatoon characters are now on the roaster this item will create an oil slick a certain distance ahead of the user enough for them to swerve out of the way but still control it to screw over other players

snow cloud

kind of like the thunder cloud except shrinking other players freezes them


shoots a yoshi egg which acts like a red shell upon impact it explodes into 3 random items

gold shell

green shells however what makes this item unique is it'll be the shell version of the golden mushroom in other words for a short period of time you can shoot an infinite amount of green shells which will appear golden

insane 9

probably won't be it's actual name but this will continue the trend from the last 2 games of having an item based on the games number that gives you said number of items it will be the rarest item in the game i'd also like to note i could see mk10 instead of continuing the trend having all 3 the lucky 7 the crazy 8 and the insane 9 as item possibilities all set to the same rareity in fact they'll be coded as the same item and if the player recieves it it'll be random which of the 3 they get the picture will obviously correspond to the correct item but i could actually see that leading to a graphical glitch where you receive say the crazy 8 but the icon shows lucky 7 anyways enough about that the items of the insane 9 in no particular order will be shell 2.white shell 4.bobomb 5.random item 6.intangible mushroom 7.pow block shell 9.snow cloud

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