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to no more lonliness?

I wanna start like talking about my little life on here idk i like the idea of leaving like a peice of myself somewhere, where people can find it and smile or something, also nervous but its ok 

this week i didnt do anything, everyone is getting sick and have no one to go out with but i really want to see batman and still havent seen spiderman i really hope to enjoy it 

its crazy to admit but i am a bit (thats a lie im hella scared) scared to go out because of people, its not like i dont like people i do, but some reason its hard for me to speak to them, and hopefully if i start going out people wont scare me as much? hopefully 

i miss the times i started staying up and watching the sunrise, i use to laugh all night with friends until the sun would come up, and i miss that a lot i hope to expeirence something like that again. <3

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heyyy babe, I hope your day was good!

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it was thanks! i hope yours as well, if you want i would love to hear about it

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of course accept my fr!

by Cammyqew; ; Report

just did!

by charlynn ^_^; ; Report