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✿ abt me (introduction) how old i am, where i was born, my ethnicity, pronouns ect

so lets start. I turned 13 years old abt a month ago and im in 7th grade (which sucks)

my nationalities are austran + jamcian + american 
i was born in ny but moved to nj abt three years ago, i like it better here for sure
im a cis bisexual female and i go by she/her pls :)
I like to think i have good style, i mostly shop at thrift stores.
i DONT like racists abelists transphobes homophobes ect so if ur one of those get out 
i DO like ppl who liesten to mitski my queen, ppl who like to draw, and ppl who like sanrio

uhmm thats all thanks!

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