A song I found

The song
Lets start by the start, heres the link to the song : https://open.spotify.com/track/7swg2Bq75MDKngjFGCT7DP?si=d82da6ad99e84a55
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 The story
I´ve been watching the netflix castlevania series since it launched and I loved it, the animation was cool and I liked the story even though it wasnt very similar tothe games. I must say is the best videogame to cartoon adaptation I have watched. Well since the final season dropped I said 
"Well might as well check out the source material" so i downloaded an emulator and Castlevania 3 ( thats where the series is loosely inspired ) and Castlevania 4 and I loved the games. Then youtube recomended me a scene of the netflix series which involves using holy water and in the comments someone said that holy water was actually a spell not something paranormal and I googled "holy water spell" and found a 15 year old youtube chanel with a video called holy water compilation and the video was very cool but I loved the music and searched the description, it had a link of a a myspace user page and I the song wasnt there so I got curious and searched the song and after 10 minutes I found it :) 

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