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The Chronicle of a slow disappearance Part four

Memory in pigment. 

Steve Szewczok © 2021 All Rights Reserved

Once she had lost her way 

I reminded her of her Art

if I could get her to see her craft

It might help to balance her lengthy mind

In a way where she wouldn’t feel confined by it…


I wanted her to connect 

to the human,

of who she was… 

of who she is..

As the Artist

As my Mother 

As a portrait of her humanity, being loved 

I had faith there would be a deep pleasure 

for her in recognizing and appreciating what we shared 

In the love of her Paintings!

In the framed movements of her heart..

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Blackbird (Dale Winslow)

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the framed movements of her heart

exactly so...

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by Steve; ; Report


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Such a beautiful write! Really well done. Bravo!

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I'm glad I pay you so well!! LOL!!! Thanks mate!!

by Steve; ; Report