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𓆩♡𓆪 forty favourites 𓆩♡𓆪

1. Color: pantone sea spray and pantone heather
2. Season: summer and autumn
3. Time Of Day: 4-6am
4. Day of the Week: friday 
5. Holiday: halloween and sol invictus
6. Gift: idkkk
7. Sport to Play: volleyball and mma
8. Sport to Watch: mma and rugby legue
9. Video Game: corpse party (i LOVE pixel horrors)
10. Board Game: don't have one
11. Computer Game: ngl i miss the papa louis games
12. Hobby: hanging out in the city or graveyards, taking cool photos
13. Breakfast Food: pain au chocolat and matcha 
14. Fast Food Meal: i hate fast food 
15. Ice Cream Flavor: matcha or brown sugar bubble tea
16. Soda: does arizona count?? if not, cotton candy faygo
17. Salty Snack: hot cheetos or pickles
18. Vacation Spot: fiji, but i also have a lot of good memories from philip island
19. Thing to Wear: my doc martens and sunnies
20. Chapter Book: that's so hard... i love the twilight and hunger games books, and graphic novels
21. Children's Book: i read all the pony pal books when i was like 7
22. Disney Movie: dark water, wreck it ralph (i wish sugar rush was a real game), brave
23. Horror Movie: ugh that's such a hard one... the ring, get out, heredity, midsommar
24. Comedy Movie: jojo rabbit and deadpool
25. Chick Flick: CLUELESS
26. TV Show: idk... criminals minds?
27. Cartoon: gravity falls 
28. Rock Song: way too many to choose from
29. Rap Song: jail by kanye or carrollton by $$
30. Country Song: come in with the rain by taylor swift
31. Pop Song: primadonna girl by marina
32. Love Song: does all the things she said count??
33. Store: sephora, victorias secret, ngl... sexyland
34. School Subject: i hated school, none
35. Perfume/Cologne: wonderstruck is still amazing
36. Animal: manta rays, scorpions, hyenas, idk i love them all
37. Emoji: 🦋🪐🧸
38. Flower: peony
39. Phone App: pinterest and spotify
40. Website: pinterest, reddit, now spacehey ig??

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omg i watched wreck it ralph again the other day and i agree, sugar rush looks so fun

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im so glad someone agrees with me, i randomly check the App Store sometimes just to see if they decided to make it but they obviously haven't :(((

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