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One day at a time

It has been another difficult day. To me it seems odd. That Angel isn't here anymore. I'm used to her walking around and going to favorite spots. I had to pack away her stuff late yesterday ago. It seemed unreal quite honestly. No matter how much I thought to be prepared. It's always a deep sadness and grief. The last thing I wanted her diagnosis to be was cancer. I would have rather have Angel with us for at least a year or two. In life things don't always go the way a planned. I've learned that a decade and a half ago with many things. To think last year was our last holiday season together. It makes me think how I didn't take it for granted. My nephew and I always wanted to take pictures with her. That was one of our special things to do with Angel. My mom always bought bananas and parsley herb for Angel. At was her favorite as mentioned before. If it wasn't for my oldest sister adopting Angel we wouldn't have those special memories. We all loved Angel and will miss her. She made it to ten years old and that many good years for us. My oldest sister told me that Angel wouldn't want me to be upset constantly. I do understand that Angel had cancer and there was nothing we could have done. She also said I did a great job as well caring for Angel. I know life goes on but my memories of Angel won't go away. I woke up at eight am. I noticed having jaw pain. I took ibuprofen and tylenol which somewhat worked. Originally I did had a dentist appointment for today. Although I had to reschedule it due to not being able to make it. For that particular appointment it wasn't the removal of wisdom teeth. It was going to be another procedure concerning one of my left side molars planned. My youngest sister isn't doing well. She's currently taking medication to help. My youngest sister was once in the hospital nine years ago from the same issue. We want her to completely recover from the awful stomach issues. It's crazy how things keep happening. I'm really making an effort to stay positive. My mom went to get an important errand done at one pm. She arrived back at six pm. For dinner we had zaxby's at nine pm. It was take out from the drive through. We had gotten fries and chicken tenders. I didn't ate the toast bread. I had lemonade to drink. I thought it was okay for the first time trying zaxby's. I'm going to get some sleep later on. Maybe listening to music or writing. I'm certainly going to be awake after midnight. I made a good effort with keeping things together for the day. I didn't have a great day overall. It's best to take it one day at a time I guess. It's almost twelve am in Florida. Peace until next time.

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