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After about maybe 2 months I have learned a lot of things about tarot readings and cards. One thing I learned is that many people find this type of thing "silly" or they even call it "witchcraft". Even though I don't find this thing silly or witchcraft I can understand their concerns. Tarot readings aren't always a bad thing unless you take it that way if you claim the negative energy things will be negative, although that may not true it's just how I see things. Moving on...tarot isn't always "witchcraft" and to put people's mind at ease I am not skilled enough to do those types of things anyways. I always try my best to put my "clients" (the people I do readings for) at ease because I do not want them to think that I am trying to put evil on them. Tarot is not always a bad thing I do my readings as guidance for the person I use my own knowledge and interpret each card differently for each person, because each person is different. Like I have said I am not that skilled so when I do my readings I often warn the client not everything is going to resonate with them  especially if done virtually where they can not touch the cards. 

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