30 questions

1. Have you ever had a dream

Yes to be an FBI agent 

2.  Where you bullied 

It nearly  cost me my life

3. Were your dreams ever crushed

Ummmmm, yes

4. Where you always ask inappropriate questions online

How many times was it that I had to threaten someone with the police station 1001

5. Have you ever been kissed on imvu or real life

Yes on IMVU no in real life because the guy was a real dick

6.who were you before the broke your heart 

Vibrant young lady without PTSD or PTSD symptoms

7. Do you believe in aliens

I was abducted by aliens and I have no choice in the matter what I believe

8.what was your favourite anime as a kid

Ghibili and sailor moon

9.  Do you have nightmares

I have many a night

10. Have fave book

Now that’s a bugger of a list I don’t know where to begin with perfume or with body of lies always true crime

11.   Favorite constellation and why

   The Big Dipper because it’s beautiful and perfect in every which way and form

12. Do you write poetry 


13. What are your talents






14.  Do you have any obscure fears

F**k no

15.  Tattoos and piercings 

9 piercings and planning on getting tattoos 

16. Do you believe in ghosts and why

I believe in ghosts for one reason is that we all our energy and our emotions our energy and when we leave our emotions and energy leave our body and haunt and re-create the life that the ghost was living before hand

17.    What are your thoughts on religion

I hate religion it causes more problems than it does good

18. What are your thoughts on spirituality and bringing people together

Fine by me

19. Do you consider yourself an intellectual

To an extent yes but mostly a creative person and a spiritual person

20.  Worst thing that ever happened to you

Being threatened with torture by some jerk in Africa that is the worst thing that ever happened to me

21. Would you ever called names as a kid or had any funny nicknames

Yes Tweety Russia

22.  Who is your best friend in life


23.   Do you believe in true love 

Coincidences only

24.   Have you travelled outside of the country

Been to Africa north Africa that is burned to Europe turkey and the Americas

25.   Do you have any bad habits

Cursing and swearing

26.    Who is your personal enemy

Yes my doctor and my mental health worker Cassandra Thompson

27. What is your biggest pet peeve in the world

Being labelled a psychopath when I ain’t 

28.Where do you live in the world


29. Do you have any Pen Pal’s

Every Pen Pal I’ve had has caused me a lot of trouble

30.What animal person are you

Fish person

2.  Where 

27. What is your biggest pet peeve in the world

28.Where do you live in the world

29. Do you have any Pen Pal’s

30.What animal person are yo

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