Cool resources for your page.

Imgbb:Do you want your website to look cool and personalize it however you want? Then you'll have to host images and gifs from other page since there's no option to do that here.The easiest option to do that is using Imgbb.You just have to drag your images there and in a matter or seconds it'll be uploaded.
Cursors-4-U: A custom cursor can be a neat addition to your website. There are many cursor websites you can use but the one I use is Cursors-4-U, all you have to do is a pick a cursor from there and copy paste the Universal CSS/HTML code in your page.

88x31 Buttons:Make your website look stylish with this collection of small 88x31 buttons. Perfect if you want your page to look classic. 

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thank imma swag my profile out ilyyyyy

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Thank you!!

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