The Chronicle of a slow disappearance. Part 3

Before the diagnosis 

Steve Szewczok © 2021 All Rights Reserved

She sits at the end of her horizon

legs dangling over Her flat earth precipice

Her inspiration is a weighty wheeze

She enlists the idea of free fall

She spreads her wings and….Geronimo!!! 

She is rolling and cresting 

A wave to her fans and a cool breeze

A slow waltz on a draughty whiff of the wind

She is free to move her bodies burdens

Past her second shadow 

where the muddling moon leads her 

beyond the island and wetlands

She whispers her wimpy howl

And begins her moving parts

she conquers her throne

Under the void there is a long haul of hours

Until the deed is done.

Until the night is won!

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Mike Carson

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Indeed, the words under your command dance like notes from Amadeus, paint from Picasso's brush, chisel to stone like the master himself.

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Thank you most kindly Mike!

by Steve; ; Report


William's profile picture

'Under the void there is a long haul of hours' .....yeeeesh!

What you're exploring with this series takes courage..... and you're stepping softly across the landscape with a tremendous amount of respect. Bravo!

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Cheers mate! Huzzah!!

by Steve; ; Report