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i cannot find a job. i've been too 2 interviews and none of them will take me because of my age. it sucks like please take me i'm broke. i hate life nearly becoming and adult sucks.  

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ugh definitely i don't know what to focus on, i am not a child or an adult. just a broke and lonely being T-T

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genuinely it so hard because at least for me all I want to do is live life atm but now we have to start thinking about exams and our future etc

by Wilfred Taykor; ; Report

i relate to this so much just, young and broke with no one else just lonely. :)

by injeolmi37; ; Report

Wilfred Taykor

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I fully agree, I feel too young to be turning 18 this year

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it definitely feels surreal

by alaz; ; Report

how you feeling about it?

by Wilfred Taykor; ; Report

uhm i can i say i am totally lost, i have no idea about what to do next year and that's very scary. i am also a trans guy and %90 gonna get disowned when i come out so yeahhh lmao i dont know. just wishing not to die.

by alaz; ; Report

no, yeah same I'm totally lost, I just sent you a request, if you want we can talk about it more if you want to vent?

by Wilfred Taykor; ; Report

aye that is a really cool thing to offer but i got used to living like this, thank you ! much love

by alaz; ; Report