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some of my fave models!∑d(°∀°d)

Hey darlings!

Today im going to be talking about my fave(ex or current) hime models!o^▽^o
so , here is a tiny fact-file about....yui kanno!! 

Name: Yui Kanno

age : 35

Occupation: Model, one of the main ones of Liz Lisa (the most elegant hime brand ever!!!), and also has her own natural makeup brand called Melliesh o´▽`o

Why I love her: She is one of the most natural-looking Gyaru model that I’ve ever seen! She doesn’t overload her makeup like some others that I’ve seen, and her view is always elegant and natural ( I’ve used that word a lot now D :) and she has a sweet and innocent view! She wasn’t very bold in her view at first, and it took her 6 years to build it up! She’s definitely one of my role models and inspo!

Yui Kanno | Dresses with sleeves, Dresses, Fashion

heres a lovely image of her!!!

and that is it for today's entry! Hope you guys enjoyed!! Next couple of entrys will be my fave models! ~


Casper <3

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