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1. What are you listening to right now, if anything? sparkling zebras by starlit everglades, i nearly forgot how much i love this fukking song <333

2. What’s the last song you listened to completely? think about things by Daði Freyr

3. What is your favorite song? this is a rlly hard question........... maybe K-9 by show me the body, its a fuckin bangerrrrrrrrrrr but also cherrypop by s3rl is god tier......... i have too fuckin many ughhhhhhhhhh

4. Are there any songs that can or have made you cry? so f u c k i n g   m a n y ... creep by radiohead is one that i'll forever hold close to my stupid little fucking heart tho c,:

5. Do you have a shower playlist? just my liked playlist on spotify honestly, either that or podcasts >u>

6. What about a bedtime playlist? ASMR <3 <3 <3

7. Have any guilty pleasure bands or songs? hmmmmmmmm maybe the MTC saga by s3rl, good af songs but literally stands for m*sturbate to cartoons >.> <.<
EDIT: OH! I FUCKIN KNOW - GHOSTMANE!!! I rlly like one of his songs, and his music is that kinda hardcore distorted shit that i'll do anything for but he's tied to this complete dickhead i use to talk to & bc they're kinda similar in literally the worst ways possible, i can't separate the two in my head so i'm embarrassed to listen to his music

8. What’s one song or band you used to like but now dislike? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i honestly don't know, i kinda rotate a lot of music. like i'll forget about it for some amount of time, but find it again and re-fall in love with it

9. What’s one song or band you used to dislike but now like? billie eilish, i'm not super into the music anymore but i use to be rlly jealous of her bc i was in a rlly bad place, but now i've moved past it and grown out of the music

10. Do you sing along when you listen to music you like? is this even a fucking question, OF COURSE!!!!!!
i started off my love for music by being a singer and still to this very day i LOVE to sing along to all my fuckin songs

*lol, i tagged you so now you have to do this music tag and post on ur blog, get rekted :P*

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