I want a gf?????

Honestly i dont know if i do want a gf or not.. my friends are all happy in their relationships and im also happy for them but sometimes it makes me feel lonely knowing i have no one to feel romantic with;; and it sucks.. but at the same time i like being alone and i feel like im not ready.. it doesn't help that i think no one would like me or im not the type of person everyone wud want 2b their gf,,;/n!;)"(?+ 

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Emily :)

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YESSSS I feel the same I'm constantly between feeling lonely and feeling good alone plus I'm too scared to meet new people and flirt so I'm kind of just stuck

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I LITERALLY FEEL THE EXACT SAME AS YOU!!!! i like don’t wanna be in a relationship but i also do cuz i love having someone who loves me for me and someone i can love, i just feel like there’s so much stress on constantly talking in relationships and i want one where i can be on my own for a bit without worrying that i’m hurting anyone

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same bro, i just want something that isn't completely sexual yk? thats literally what every single one of my relationships have ever been and it sucks

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