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  i think a lot about anything and everything i can remember. I always try to remember something that i can not remember or made myself forget (which is way to many💀) recently i remembered something new! i was 9 years old when it happened (i think) me and my 2 cousins where out in the field behind their backyard flying these cinderella kites. they where shaped like airplanes, very pink too. it was close to noon meaning that my uncle had to leave to run errands. as he was pulling out of the backyard (they got the garage there) i thought it would be so cool to show how nice i was and chase after the car to say bye! as i was running i hit the stop sign pole, full force, struck me right in the forehead. lucky me i didn’t get hurt that bad, just a bump and bruising, but man that shit had me bawling. in the ground and everything, i had snot running down my nose, my vision was blurry as hell, i couldn’t talk for shit, i was hiccuping so much, i couldn’t even walk cause i was in so much pain. funny as shit tho, nice memory 7/10. minus 3 points cause damn was that shit emberassing💀

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