What 2020 has been like for me.

  I don’t mean to write this as a pity post or anything. I’m writing this in hopes people during 2020 can learn from my experience.

  2020 kind of started out really hopeful. I threw an awesome goth 20’s themed party and my event group had our first successful music event. Then once COVID hit everything changed. 

  At first I was ecstatic, staying home from work, getting paid, etc. But I then started developing eye issues and it got to a point to where I couldn’t drive. This was well expected since I was little, I’ve always had eye issues since I was 7 and my eye doctor warned me it would come up again. Of course it had to be during a pandemic.

  So I went to my old eye doctor and he was bewildered so he sent me to another doctor and I had to say goodbye to my eye doctor I’ve had since I was little and saved my vision so much. 

  The new doctor has been great but unfortunately what’s been happening has been difficult to correct. I had gotten a cataract in my right eye. Normally this is easily fixable but I also have extreme inflammation in my eyes as well which they need to calm down before I can have my surgery. The pandemic has also not helped and slowed everything down to a crawl. I have been suffering from this since April. 

  It’s been hard to do a lot. Watch tv, play video games, read, video edit, go walking without assistance and not to mention the depression and anxiety that comes with the new disability, bills and having to stay inside and avoid the public all the time. 

  I am doing a lot better now but it’s still a rocky road ahead, doc says I won’t be ready for surgery until maybe April and that’s IF my new meds work. 

  I hope my story helps you feel like you’re not alone and I hope you all appreciate your eye sight. Read books, watch tv, go see something you’ve never seen before. 

Also please wear a mask so we can get this pandemic over with. I dunno what I wanna do for 2021, honestly keeping my head clear so I don’t jinx it. 😅

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