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3/16/2022 (too lazy for titles)

Today, I had a stats exam. On my first attempt I got fourteen points out of thirty. Luckily for me, this is a very forgiving and easy class. I literally play Chivalry 2 all the time during class because it's said so slowly. So on my second attempt, I got twenty-eight. I know classes are supposed to be learning processes but this should be criminal. It's too easy. my ex told me that she almost failed stats "because of a bad teacher" but I have my doubts.

I procrastinated greatly on my research paper's rough draft. But I also helped my classmate with hers. Both of ours ended up being nice. Here's my motto. Procrastinate as long as you do it well! If you can shung (sh*t) out an essay at 3:00 A.M. then go for it. Just get it done.
I also had to deal with my ex being a drama queen and making trouble out of NOTHING. I swear. I am not a dramatic man but she just gets on my nerve as I reply as politely as I can. It really sucks but I HATE talking about it so I'm going to move on.
I hung out with my best frenn M. and it was nice. Get friends you can be honest with. I can tell her legit everything. But, of course I can't say everything to her and that's why this web log exists. I want to say everything all here. Without anyone hating me. It's mainly for myself.
When I was hanging with M. and my other friend B. (we're kinda a trio) I had a convo about comparing traumas. It's so dumb. people say "Well I had to go through this" "Well I don't have parents" "My parents died in front of me!" like bruh. People react to all things everything differently. Do not compare traumas. It is one of the most idiotic things you can do. I am a happy person and I haven't been through too much. Because of that, people invalidate my opinions sometimes. It sucks. Like, am I supposed to be depressed and have my parents stab me for my opinion to be heard? HECK NAHH so yeah.
Another thing I was discussing with my friends, M. and G. was that charity case friends shouldn't exist. What my family does is we have these charity case friends we just deal with. People we don't even enjoy hanging with or other reason but we deal with them because we're "too nice". I had to distance myself with two recently. Which is insane to me. But it has to be done. Now, my ex, K., is officially a charity case friend. she's the one drama queen I mentioned earlier. You really think I have two ex's? Nah. I'm not pulling. Anyways, yeah I might have to drop her soon, she's causing too many issues that don't need to be there. I am running out of patience, and tomorrow I might just end it. But I don't know.
Speaking of relationships, yeah I'm just seen as that one friend. People usually don't find romantic interest in me which is totally fine and honestly I'm just glad I'm not seen as bad. B. said that I'm "very cool" which is a total win. Even though she said no romantic attraction. My lesson to you, the reader, is that you should stop making relationships and sexual stuff the front of your thought. It's something not to really worry about at the age of seventeen like me. Just be an awesome guy or gal and they will come. "bitches will come" -G. but yeah, I'm not trippin. Like basically my bestie, M., legit said she would have liked me if she were trying to date at all; but, she isn't. Which is fine, and I am happy with our friendship and overall just privileged to be her friend at all. 
My final message for today, don't have charity case friends, don't compare traumas, and don't think about relationships and sexual stuff all the time. It might just not be your time.

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