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The Chronicle of a slow disappearance. (A New Series)

The chronicle of a slow disappearance ( A new series)

Steve Szewczok © 2020 All Rights Reserved


The eyes fell back to a state of blurred lines 

Purple monsters riding along the walls of a tired mind.

She moved without clear sight 

determined to make her destination on time

Now she knows all my secrets

Still the talking is easy. Though the breathing is laboured 

She anticipates the end with confident hands 

Pushing her Cadillac down the unknown hallway

Looking for a stairwell that will never appear


A glimpse into the past 

the meeting of two minds;

One aged in a good oak 

the other matured like an exceptional wine. 




A form of Parkinson’s,

A kind of fatigue she could not understand 

The issues are in the tissues

More blood letting

Her body breaks down to

a story that is not yet diagnosed.


The confessions of the confused

Snap shots of memory 

Hide the hurt 

of Dementia!


Ghosts of our past remembrance.

reflections that last through the seeing glass.

Tell me about the house? How’s my mother?

I want you to come here a minute.

Sit down and tell me what’s going on?!


You don’t believe it, when you see it!

You can’t know what you don’t acknowledge.

Tell me what is happening? Explain it to me!

Help me! And so I did…

For my Mother.

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Mike Carson

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Oh my friend, how great to read your words again, yet filled with tragic moment of now, it is only yesterday that leads us here. Lead us through the yesterdays so we may help with the sorrow of today. Lead and lean on us, we journey together as long as we can.

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Ah Mike well said buddy!! Thank you so much for your kind words! Lead and lean on us...!!! You’re a treasure mate!! Good to see and hear from you!!

by Steve; ; Report


Amanda's profile picture

"you can't know what you don't acknowledge"

I'll be turning this over all day!

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Thank you Amanda! Hopefully we can all get together here and turn over many more ideas. Much appreciated!

by Steve; ; Report